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Here is the FUN podcast I did with Mostly Music last week ! Hosts, Ignatius Pallafox and The Low Spark invited me on as their special guest on Episode 13 where we chatted much about music heroines and sirens filled with silly Stern-esque radio banter!  It is available on ITunes and you can listen here by pressing the button:


I am pleased to announce that I am in a brand new music project!  We are correctly working on our demo and are playing in and around town.   You can listen to a few tracks on our Bandcamp and we are a fun follow on Instagram and FB too!

You can also find us on

Bandcamp here:




We would love your support!


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Track VinCi & Her Groove Sector:

Hello, World!

Track VinCi Vibe :

Hello, World!

Track Early Monarchs:

  Indie soul-minded, VinCi Vibe's set list plays like a box of chocolates! . Continuing in the traditional roots of of music-crafting, her melodies conjures up some sweet ol' familiar and ease you in with some esoteric soul that she brands her own!  Rendering her own unique sound, she integrates ready-hints of jazz, mixes in a close study of 7o's rock and soul classics while blithely blending a fervor reckoning of pop sense.

   This solo artist is supported by her stellar band of players and debuted as VinCi & Her Groove Sector in 2009.   She congruently uses both project names and reserves the use of the latter for her LIVE shows.  With her multifarious upbringing, she pays tribute at her LIVE shows to all the 'text-book' artists whom inspired her.  These odes have included legendary music by Marvin Gaye, Radiohead, Nina Simone, Hall & Oates, Jimi Hendrix, Sade, The Beatles, John Lennon, The Stylistics, ...   

Her Groove Sector includes:

Keys, Vocals, Composer: VinCi Vibe

Guitar: Brian Hill

Bass: John Bartlett

Drums: Kirk Snedeker

Background Vocals: Lydia Walker


notable - past - Venues:

  • Yoshi's Jazz Lounge-San Francisco, CA

  • Boom Boom Room -San Francisco, CA

  • Fenix-San Rafael, CA

  • The Red Devil Lounge-San Francisco, CA

  • Silo's Jazz Club-Napa, CA (Bottlerock Weekend 2015)

  • Jupiter- Berkeley, CA

  • RLife LIVE(Longest Local Residency) -Marriott Music Brand

  • Cafe du Nord -San Francisco, CA

  • Hotel Utah-San Francisco, CA

satellite - and - terrestrial - radio:

  • WCTR- Chicago, IL

  • KALX -UC Berkeley, CA(4-song Block Feature @ The Next Big Thing)

  • Mostly Music w/ Ignatius Pallafox & The Low Spark - Podcast

  • Pirate Cat Radio-San Francisco, CA(LIVE On-Air In-Studio Broadcast feature performance)

  • KSCU-UC Santa Clara, CA (LIVE On-Air In-Studio Interview/Listen Broadcast)

  • NRW -Koln, Germany

  • Solar Radio -United Kingdom(30 Year Establishment)

  • Sound Fusion Radio-London, England


Past Notable Projects:

  • So You Think You Can Dance - NBC(Vocals)

  • Takahashi's Dream - 2004(Sound Track)



by VinCi Vibe

 R I S E   by   VinCi Vibe

All songs and lyrics written by VinCi Vibe

Executive Producer:  Michael S. Rosen

Producer: VinCi Vibe

Keys, All Vocals:: VinCi Vibe

Guitars:  Tom Duarte

Bass:  Mark Epstein, George Lacson

Drums:  Terry Branam, Michael Urbano

Saxphone:  Howard Wiley

Recorded at East Bay Recorders, Berkeley, CA

Digital Purchase includes lyrics and liner notes

Available on ITunes, Spotify, Pandora, TIDAL, everywhere music is available!


Midnight Morning EP

by VinCi & Her Groove Sector

Midnight Morning by VinCi & Her Groove Sector

All Songs Written by VinCi Vibe

Produced by VinCi & Her Groove Sector

Mixed by Michael S. Rosen

Engineer:  Adam Myatt

Keys and Vocals:  VinCi Vibe

Guitar: Rado Randriamamonjy

Bass:  Mark Epstein

Drums: Mark Grupe'

Recorded at Shark Bite Studios- Oakland, CA

Available on Pandora, Spotify, ITunes, TIDAL... everywhere music is available.

YourWorldCredits copy.jpg

Your World (Single)

by VinCi Vibe

Written by VinCi Vibe

Executive Producer: Michael S. Rosen

Produced: VinCi Vibe

Key and Vocals: VinCi Vibe

Guitar: Tom Duarte

Bass- George Lacson

Drums: Terry Branam

Saxophone:  Howard Wiley

Recorded at East Bay Recorders- Berkeley, CA

t w i t t e r   f e e d :


I N S T A G R A M   f e e d:




Continuing the traditional roots of of music crafting, emerges a new soul-minded singer/songwriter, VinCi.Vibe (Vin-Cee)!  This indie singer/songwriter renders her own unique sound as she integrates ready-hints of jazz, mixes in a close study of 7o's rock and soul classics while blithely blending a fervor reckoning of pop sense.

San Francisco native, VinCi Vibe is an exclusive songwriting talent and her soulfully rich vocals permeates with elusive ardor. She forges her own musical path and pays respect with the city's rich musical legacy that has cultivated the 'San Francisco sound'.  The being influenced by some of soul music's textbook names... such as Nina Simone, Curtis Mayfield, and Bill Withers. In our current scope of new sounds, VinCi melds some unexpected rock and soul! Her music has been compared to Sade, Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Laura Nyro, The Spinners, and you may say none of these works are comparable to one another except for the absolute soul and passion that they permeate.

In April 2014, VinCi released her second album titled, "R I S E", which contains an eleven-song collection, she solely wrote and reunites her with erudite console man, Michael S. Rosen!  Rosen's musical amplitude begets VinCi Vibe's stylistic songcraft. Her full length album,  "R I S E" also features the support of some heavy duty pro-tiered session players joining her in the studio!  Please check out "R I S E" on ITunes with complete liner notes included with album-only digital purchase. Long-live-liner-notes!

Keys, Vocals, Composer:  VinCi Vibe

Guitars:  Brian A. Hill

Bass:  John Bartlett

Drums:  Kirk Snedeker

Background Singer: Lydia Walker


In June 2017, VinCi Vibe joined the remaining members of critically acclaimed Winchester Revival and  formed Early Monarchs.  They debuted LIVE on 02/09/18 to a full room at Toot's Tavern in Crockett, CA.  More to come with Early Monarchs.





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